ChCh International Airport, ChCh City Council, Ngai Tahu, Environment Canterbury
Mid Canterbury area, July 2017 to current


Development of an inter-agency Canada geese management strategy for mid Canterbury (between Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers, incl. coastal and high country nesting areas) to reduce risks of bird strike at ChCh airport. Approaches include: more surveillance and comms between the agencies and stepped up control and research. In progress.

Work in progress for Brodie Acacich, Graham Sullivan, Kay Holder and Sue Corby

Velvetleaf seed pods.jpg

Ministry for Primary Industries and Waikato Regional Council
Wellington and Hamilton, February to May 2018

Consultation with affected landowners about the pest plant velvetleaf on their properties (in north Waikato and South Auckland regions) and working with them to develop tailored farm management plans to reduce the risks of weed spread, but enabling farms and business es to continue operating.

Undertaken for Samuel Beaumont, MPI Wellington and Darion Embling, Pest Plant Team Leader, Hamilton


Department of Conservation, Waikato and Horizons Regional Councils and Landcare Research (for Predator Free 2050)

Pureora - Waikato, November 2017 - May 2018

Development of Predator Free Pureora proposal for this iconic landscape in the Central North Island.  Includes new and novel approaches to broad scale pest control over large forested areas. In progress.

Carried out for Patrick Whaley, Natasha Hayward, Rod Smillie and Bruce Warburton


Queenstown Lakes District Council

Queenstown, September 2016 to March 2017

Scoping out and development of a nuisance pest plan for rabbits, wasps, goats and pest plants.

Plan developed for Clare Tomkins, Parks Services Delivery Manager


High Country Contracting Ltd

Pleasant Point, December 2016 to current

Providing biosecurity consulting advice and planning services to a key contractor in the South Island's pest contracting industry..

Work done for Khan Adam, Business Manager


Horizons Regional Council
Palmerston North - 2016/17 to current (2 separate projects)

Contracted to assist with advocacy work and creating resources to 'highlight' the new Regional Pest Management Plan - included development of a 'pest management 101' (putting the RPMP into plain language) and analysis of Cost Benefit Analysis for the Regional Pest Management Plan, under the Biosecurity Act and National Policy Direction for Pest Management.

Carried out for Biosecurity/Biodiversity Manager

Thanks Peter. I really appreciate your help once again on this. Your ability to hit the ground running really helped us to keep to the deadlines.

Waikato Regional Council and Horizons Regional Council
Hamilton-Palmerston North

Contracted (May to July 2016) to research and write a communications plan for raising awareness among King Country, Waipa and Hauraki/Coromandel landowners about the economic threats and recent spread of the pest plant tutsan into new areas that were previously free. Combined project with Horizons Regional Council, leading to changed behaviours.

Contracted also to write individual farms plans for Waikato dairy farmers with fodder beet crops infested with velvetleaf weed seeds, as part of the national response to seed contamination (April/May 2016). Redesigned and adapted the MPI advisory into a user friendly template and met and discussed issues with each farmer. Plans written and sent back to WRC on time.

Integrated Catchment Management Team

Many thanks, I have perused the velvetleaf plans, they look easy to read and simple to understand.

Department of Conservation (Living Waters project)

Asked to co-ordinate and undertake one-to-one consultation with landowners in the Miranda area, regarding goat control densities and attitudes to control for catchment and biodiversity purposes. Visited each landowner in March 2016 and wrote report.

Project Manager/Director

Great work. This has really helped us progress our thinking, not only for goat control but for wider pest management initiatives within the catchment.

Biosecurity Working Group
via Northland Regional Council

Developed and wrote a ‘plain English’ standard operating procedures (SOP) Manual to assist Biosecurity Officers from regional councils throughout New Zealand with undertaking enforcement actions under Biosecurity Act provisions.

Part 1 completed and endorsed by the Group - November 2015. Part 2 commissioned and completed in July 2016. Endorsed by BioManagers Group, to be received by regional Chief Executives then published and made available.

Project Manager

... thanks for your recent work on the Manual. What a grand piece of work ... this document is really going to set us up for the future. It also fits very well with improving national consistency and demonstrating regional leadership in biosecurity.

UNITEC Institute of Technology

Invited in April 2016 and October 2015 to present to students on ecological risks and mitigation, associated with biosecurity activities. 

It was a timely lecture and well aligned with the overall course, particularly on post-border biosecurity strategy and control measures. 2016 presentation focused on the velvetleaf incursion.


Dr. Diane Fraser (email)
Senior Lecturer. Natural Sciences

Thanks so much for your biosecurity talk (2015). I couldn’t have asked for a better final lecture for the students following on from pre and border biosecurity strategies  The post border strategies covered will be an excellent lead in to their biosecurity studies in the final year of their degree. I am extremely grateful.
— Dr. Diane Fraser

BioManagers Group

Researched/wrote good Neighbour Rules report on DOC liabilities for pest management on public conservation land, in relation to the National Policy Direction on Pest Management.


Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

Contracted to write a Biosecurity plan for all of the Trust’s operations in the pest-proof fenced santuary. Covered all biosecurity aspects, from pathways of pest spread to better managing pests that are currently impacting on ‘Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari’

Received by the Natural Heritage Committee in August 2015 and the wider Trust.


Robyn Nightingale (email)
(testimonial provided in a private capacity as a Trustee)

Kia ora tatou,

This was a logical, well written document, which made for easy, dare I say it, enjoyable reading. The change in approach to biosecurity to one focused on a pests and pest pathways approach was made very clear. If this is the plan that was requested under the MOU with Waikato Regional Council, then it has been achieved within the agreed timeframe and the efforts of Better Biosecurity Solutions Ltd are much appreciated.

Nga mihi

Horizons Regional Council 
Palmerston North

Contracted to write Horizon’s non-regulatory pest management strategy document, to support their reviewed and slimmed down, ‘rules only’ Regional Pest Management Plan.

Endorsed by Horizons Council in August 2015.


Bill Martyn (email)
Biosecurity/Biodiversity Manager

The plan and strategy has been approved by Council. They seemed very happy with the work … all in all well received and a great relief for us. Thanks once again for all your help and we will promote your efforts as we road show the plan around the region.
— Bill Martyn

Auckland Council and Department of Conservation, Auckland

Assisted Auckland Council and the Department of Conservation to carry out consultation required as part of the operational planning for the 2015 Hunua pest control operation, by undertaking visits to landowners directly adjoining the Regional Park and DOC managed lands.

Over 40 landowners and managers were proactively engaged with about the overall programme and specific issues about the risks and benefits of 1080. 


Thanks for your efforts Peter, that’s great to have completed this work and good to have such positive feedback from landowners, well done.
— Rachel Kelleher, Biodiversity Manager, Auckland Council
Kia ora Peter, many thanks for your excellent work. Good luck with your new venture
— Fin Buchanan, Technical Adviser Threats